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Our mission is to provide professional, personalized, friendly service to the residents of Sussex County, Delaware. Call us at 302-344-1007 or fill out our online form to schedule a service today!

Senior/Estate Services

Senior Services


Overwhelmed by trying to do it yourself? Not sure how you will get it done in time? Is it more work than you thought? We are here to help you make this transition in life. We are fast, but respectful at all times, and will meet with you to discuss your options. We are licensed, insured, and bonded, so you know your belongings are in good hands. Contact us today to request downsizing services. We will save you time, money, and your back.

Senior Moving Services:

We can also help elderly residents of a house move into another residence or care facility. We will be happy to work closely with the conservator or family members to help plan the move, sort and pack their belongings, and arrange for shipping of their personal property and furniture. We will also unpack everything for them at the new location to help them settle in with the least amount of stress over the move. In short, Rehoboth Home Services will do whatever is necessary to satisfy the needs of our clients with grace and sensitivity to the issues.

Estate Services


Our service on behalf of the estate begins with the security of the site. We will tour the estate with members of the family, the Executor, Conservator, or a designated trusted witness to change the locks if necessary, turn off all appliances, and both secure and document family heirlooms, keepsakes, cash, bonds, valuable jewelry, business papers, and legal documents.

Inventory & Appraisal:

The next step is to take a comprehensive inventory of all items in the residence, have them evaluated by a certified appraiser, if appropriate, and submit the list with recommended pricing in both hard copy and electronic form to the executor or conservator. Upon request, we will also take digital photographs of all the rooms and selected individual items for insurance, security, and liquidation purposes.


There are many ways to liquidate personal property, and we will tailor the methodology to our clients' needs or desires. Our preference is to call upon our extensive network of dealers and buyers throughout our service areas.


Finally, we will dispose of remaining rubbish and clean the residence, carpets, and floors from wall to wall, leaving the property ready for sale or rent. We will then take digital photographs of the interior and exterior of the property so the out of town family, Executor, or Conservator can determine if painting or repairs are necessary to make the property real estate ready.

Final Accounting:

Upon the conclusion of our services, we will present the appropriate party with an itemized hard copy and electronic copy of all transactions performed, including original receipts of sales and expenses as well as the photos taken during the performance of our services, so that a complete record is available for legal purposes pertaining to the estate.

Special Needs:

Rehoboth Home Services is recognized as expert problem solvers, and we will come up with the creative solutions to any problem you may have. For example, if the residence contains firearms the family wants to dispose of instead of selling, we can arrange for the local police department to take them in exchange for a receipt, eliminating any liability should the weapons be found to have been used in a future crime. Other items of little intrinsic value may have great value to certain non-profit historical societies or cultural centers, and we will seek them out to obtain further tax credits for donations.

Special Storage:

If the residence contains valuable items such as antiques or paintings that must be removed immediately, we can photograph and catalog the individual items for insurance purposes, and then arrange for their security, transportation, and storage in temperature and humidity controlled vaults until such time as the family wishes to liquidate them.


Working with animal rights and rescue groups, along with Animal Care & Control departments of local governments, we will make every effort to find kind and caring homes for all pets, including dogs, cats, fish, birds, and other animals in the household.

Additional Special Services:

We are extremely flexible and can also offer other special services such as storing items for later retrieval or shipping, packing and shipping possessions to another destination, and whatever else needs to be done.

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